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Westgrove Group’s Young Ambassador, Alex Staniforth, gets set to launch his first book ‘Icefall’.

February 23, 2016

Since Alex’s return from Nepal in May 2015, following the devastating earthquakes and subsequent avalanches in the areas surrounding Mount Everest, he has continued his mission to raise funds for the Nepalese people who suffered such tragedy and loss. Having had a near-death experience after being hit by an avalanche above the Khumbu Icefall, Alex has returned home even more determined and has raised over £33,000 for charity and continues to amaze people with his courageous and compelling story of overcoming adversity. Last year was Alex’s second attempt to summit Mount Everest, having had his first expedition aborted in 2014 following an avalanche which killed sixteen Nepalese guides.

Alex is a successful motivational speaker, reaching out to various audiences, yet never failing to astound them with his amazing story. He has visited a number of our Partner’s site to give motivational talks over the last few months and has inspired many of our Colleagues and Partners in the process. Alex had to deal with adversity from a young age, suffering with epilepsy, anxiety, bullying and a stammer, yet continues to overcome his own obstacles.

His personal story has now been penned by Alex and his first book ‘Icefall’ is due out on 9th March. It’s both a very honest and captivating account of his very personal journey to the top of the world.

Alex is a true inspiration to many and we are very proud to call him our Young Ambassador. Alex has any more plans for the future and if you’re wondering if he will be taking Everest on for a third time; I think we all know the answer to that question!

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