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Worcester man prosecuted for working illegally at a Worcester pub

August 21, 2023

On Friday 11 August 2023, Vikramjit Sharma from Worcester was prosecuted (in his absence) at Worcester Magistrates’ Court. He was caught working illegally as a door supervisor on 4 November 2022 during a routine inspection by the Security Industry Authority (SIA) and West Mercia Police. Sharma was sentenced to a £250 fine, required to pay […]

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City Group K9 Sniffer Dogs Unleash Superpowers, Unmasking Counterfeit Goods

August 16, 2023

In the ongoing battle against counterfeiting, law enforcement agencies and businesses are turning to a novel and highly effective ally: sniffer dogs. These four-legged detectives possess an extraordinary sense of smell that enables them to sniff out counterfeit goods with remarkable accuracy. Below we explore the exceptional abilities of sniffer dogs and the benefits they […]

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IFPO announce Approved Training Centre in the UK

August 14, 2023

Education and certification are central to the IFPO mission of professionalising the security sector. To support learners of the global certifications, CPO (Certified Protection Officer), CSSM (Certified in Security Supervision and Management) and CPOI (Certified Protection Officer Instructor), the IFPO is launching the Approved Training Centre scheme (ATC).  All ATCs will be Corporate Members of […]

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New professional security operative apprenticeship announced

August 2, 2023

The Private Security Industry Trailblazer Group announced the approval of a new, government-funded level 2 professional security operative apprenticeship. The new apprenticeship has been approved by government as a route for those wanting to join the private security industry, and for those already in employment who wish to progress. This achievement represents three years of […]

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