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Updated ACS Self Assessment Workbook effective from 1 March 2017

March 13, 2017

With effect from 1st March 2017, the Security Industry Authority published an updated Self-Assessment Workbook and associated guidance documents in respect of The Approved Contractor Scheme.

The purpose of the updated documents is due to the continual improvement required to retain Approved Contractor Scheme status and clarification of some points covered by the standard.

Several Indicators have the Bar raised, but there are also instances where the Bar is reduced as the Indicator is now an accepted practice within the security guarding industry.

When comparing the results of the new Self Assessment Workbook against the previous edition, companies may well find that their score is reduced slightly, however; there are also opportunities to increase your ACS score and there is a new Indicator ‘Activities to promote and improve awareness of anti-terrorist activities’.

The new documents can be found on the SIA website via this link 2017 Changes  https://www.sia.homeoffice.gov.uk/Pages/acs-scoring.aspx

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