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Update from the SIA on New Licensing System (Industry) 14th October 2016

October 17, 2016

This is the latest of a series of information bulletins released by the SIA.  You can see all of the updates on our website.

We have continued to deploy our staff in order to get the most out of our resources, which has had an impact on the reduction of queues.  We have employed more temporary, security-cleared, staff to help deal with outstanding enquiries.

Decisions are being made at a faster rate than in September.  This is having an impact on the volume of incoming messages, as applicants who have been chasing their licences find that they have been granted.

We are currently dispatching documents back to people after no more than 13 working days.

We have been following a planned weekly timetable of technical fixes.  On Saturday (8th October 2016) we applied a further nine fixes.

As the technical fixes are successfully applied, the reason for applications not moving forward is removed.  Unfortunately, for many of the fixes that we introduce, the change doesn’t fix existing applications which we have to manually correct.  We are making progress dealing with these queues.

While much of this is good news, we know that some applications are still not moving forward as quickly as they should. We are doing everything that we can to process the correctly completed applications that have been subject to technical delays.

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