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Update on New Licensing System (Industry) 2 December 2016

December 5, 2016

In November we made over 11,600 licensing decisions which has brought the total number of decisions since the system began to more than 38,000.  The figure for November is the highest recorded since the introduction of the new system in July 2016, and the highest monthly total in 2016.

We have continued our work examining the applications that have not moved smoothly through the system.  We are contacting applicants where further action (such as visiting the post office or sending us documents) is required.  Anyone can check the progress of their licence through the online system, which also provides information about outstanding actions that might be delaying the progress of an application.

Documents are being returned to applicants at a faster rate than before, although we advise that you should still allow for the process to take up to 20 working days. The number of documents that we are currently holding has also reduced significantly.

Our suppliers continue to work on improvements to the system and we expect to receive further enhancements in the coming week, which we will feature in the next industry update.


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