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Unlicensed Cwmbran security boss pleads guilty

December 16, 2019

Nicholas Seabrook of Cwmbran pleaded guilty to being an unlicensed security director and failing to provide information to the SIA on Monday 02 December at Cwmbran Magistrates’ Court. He was bailed pending a financial investigation.

Seabrook broke the law as he was an unlicensed director of NPS Security Ltd between 06 August 2018 (when he started the company) and 13 July 2019. During that time he supplied security services to a number of pubs in South Wales including The White Hart, The Hole in the Wall (the Royal Exchange) in Brynmawr, The Carpenters Arms in Newport, The Ferns, the Wine Vaults and The Victoria pub.

The prosecution against Mr Seabrook was brought by us after information was provided by Gwent Police. We sought information from Mr Seabrook which he failed to provide, and when interviewed he admitted that he had been operating his business without a licence.

Nathan Salmon, one of our criminal investigations managers, said:

“The private security industry is regulated because Parliament has deemed its operatives require licensing, aimed at protecting the public.

These regulations are not a barrier for new businesses and the industry continues to grow with new entrants. However the licensing of operatives, and their managers and directors, remains a requirement to trade lawfully. Mr Seabrook was aware he needed to be licensed, a Google search had told him so, yet he continued to trade without making his own licence application. This has now placed his business and assets at risk.”  

Nicholas Seabrook will be sentenced in the New Year.

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