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Top-up training introduced for close protection operatives

September 30, 2022

From tomorrow (1 October 2022) all close protection licence holders will need a first aid qualification and the new top-up training before they renew.

The new top-up qualification will include:

  • physical intervention skills
  • knowledge of door supervision responsibilities
  • terror threat awareness

Operatives must make sure that their first aid qualification has at least one year to run before they take the top-up training.

The new requirements will help to ensure that close protection operatives have the most up-to-date skills to keep themselves, their clients, and the public safe.

Steve McCormick, the SIA’s Director of Licensing and Standards said:

The introduction of top-up training is an important and transformational change required to improve the skills and knowledge for operatives renewing their licence. This work to increase the skills of every licensed operative through strengthened training and qualifications is a crucial component in increasing public trust and confidence in the industry. This trust is critical to delivering on our commitment to improved public protection.

On 1 April the SIA introduced an updated close protection qualification for new applicants into the sector. This top-up training will bring the skillset of existing licence holders into line with the new requirements.

The SIA recognises that many close protection licence holders work primarily as door supervisors. The SIA will enable close protection operatives to renew to a door supervision licence if they prefer. The door supervision top-up training is shorter than the close protection top-up training, so will be cheaper. Operatives are advised to consider their day-to-day duties and how they are deployed before renewing.

More detailed information about the changes can be found on the SIA website:

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