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TC Facilities Management (TCFM) contract at Eden Walk, Kingston.

May 3, 2017

TC Facilities Management (TCFM) is now delivering Cleaning and Security Services at Eden Walk in Kingston, part of the Regional multi-let retail portfolio managed by Broadgate Estates and owned by British Land and USS.

This new contract commenced on April 1stand will help enable the 10 million visitors that go to Eden Walk each year to have a safe and enjoyable shopping experience.

The team from TCFM, led by Andy Farley, TCFM Contract Manager, will ensure that the extensive cleaning & security expertise along with the standards that TCFM are renowned for in other Retail and Office sites are replicated, and with it will enable Eden Walk to provide visitors with an outstanding place to visit.

The contract will utilise smart management systems and state-of-the-art technology to help maintain and improve standards along with delivering robust monitoring and management reporting to Broadgate Estates, all with the aim of delivering unrivalled customer service and value.

Having been able to demonstrate added value within other cleaning & security contracts, the contract was awarded based on TCFM’s proven track record spanning almost 55 years, along with their design of a bespoke solution, built on Broadgate Estates’ individual needs.

Andy Farley, Contract Manager for TCFM commented:

“We are delighted to have been awarded this contract and are looking forward to bringing our proven expertise to Eden Walk to continually increase the productivity and performance of the site and with it play our part in making Eden Walk an outstanding place to visit.”

Keith French, TCFM Group Development Director said:

“This is exciting news for us as it continues to demonstrate our ability to create unique service solutions for new customers and as a new sector for TCFM, gives us a springboard for growing our business overall”.

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