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Suffolk boss pays penalty for deploying unlicensed guards at the port of Felixstowe

November 20, 2019

​The director of a Suffolk company has been convicted at Ipswich Magistrates’ Court of supplying unlicensed security guards to haulage companies operating at the port of Felixstowe.

Anthony Blackman, the director of Port Side Solutions Ltd of Ipswich, pleaded guilty to providing two unlicensed operatives on 12 separate occasions. He was sentenced on 11 November to 80 hours unpaid community service, and ordered to pay costs of £599.60 plus a victim surcharge of £85.

His company, Port Side Solutions, was issued with a fine of £2,000 and ordered to pay £1,000 costs, plus a victim surcharge of £170. Port Side Solutions Ltd supplies staff undertaking various duties to freight companies; they extended these duties to include security services.

Nathan Salmon, of the Security Industry Authority (SIA) Criminal Investigation Team, said:

“Businesses need to be aware that if they supply security operatives under contract, SIA licences are required even where the core business is not one of security. The court has acknowledged that Anthony Blackman was well aware of the fact that he was providing unlicensed security guards. This was despite the fact that he himself was an SIA licence holder, and knew that his staff required licences to operate. It’s important to note that the protection of property under a contract for services, just like the protection of people, must be properly and legally undertaken by licensed personnel.”

Port Side Solutions has provided security to two haulage firms at Folkestone over a period of several years. Security staff provided during the week appear to have been properly licensed, but weekend security at one of the firms consisted of a father and daughter team, neither of whom were licensed.​​

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