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STM Group (UK) Ltd announce Victor Ubogu as a Brand Ambassador

November 9, 2021

STM Group (UK) Ltd is proud to announce the appointment of Victor Ubogu as a Brand Ambassador.  Vic is well known as a former Bath and England Rugby prop forward.  Vic is not only well known throughout the corporate hospitality and sports travel sector, but also provides bespoke event management solutions through his own successful company, VU Ltd.

Prior to becoming a full-time professional rugby player Victor gained first-hand experience of the security industry as Sales Director of Cobrawatch. The STM Board, having known Vic for a number of years, are confident that his knowledge and experience will greatly assist in their strategic aim of developing bespoke people solutions for the Events’ industry.

Articulate and empathetic, Victor Ubogu is the perfect role model to represent the STM values and philosophy. He has also established a strong reputation for challenging racism, both on and off the rugby field, promoting an approach to Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) which mirrors the STM culture.

Demonstrating determination throughout his career, whilst passionately promoting important causes outside the work environment, Victor Ubogu is considered the perfect representative of the STM brand. Paul Jacomb, CEO STM Group stated “We are honoured and excited to have such an iconic individual as Victor Ubogu to promote the STM Brand. I very much look forward to working with Vic as STM seeks to expand its offering to high profile sports events” .

“Playing international rugby is extremely demanding, especially since it turned professional. Working for myself gives me flexibility, but it involves serious discipline. You just have to have the balls to go for things. If you don’t, you will find yourself looking back and saying “What if?”. – Victor Ubogu

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