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STM Group Launches a Powerful New Wellbeing App for its Internal Customers

June 9, 2021

Named as ‘Manned Guarding Services Provider of the Year 2020’ and ‘Business of the Year 2020’, in addition to receiving numerous other awards and accolades, STM Group (UK) Ltd provides bespoke manpower service solutions, focused on the delivery of high-quality security, cleaning, and customer-focused, services. These services are underpinned, and supported, by leading edge technology. The STM philosophy is driven by a universal recognition of employees as “internal customers”, and the promotion of a “One Team” concept

Its recently appointed Welfare and Wellbeing Champion is leading a newly launched ‘STM Wellbeing at Work’ programme, helping to ensure every STM internal customer understands that there is an easy process to access wellbeing advice and support. As part of this programme, STM has provided all staff with access to the T-Cup app, a powerful, self-reflection, wellbeing application.  T-Cup enables staff to not only, daily, measure their own well-being, but also provides invaluable practical support in relation to mental health.  Importantly, this app provides STM Management with tangible ‘real-time’ data, promoting critical, company-wide, health surveillance.

This cutting edge, self-reflection, technology is designed to improve the wellbeing of all STM internal customers, in a measurable and sustainable way. Staff have unrestricted access to WellCup, which is packed with personal insights, and engaging content, designed to ensure STM internal customers have the necessary support and encouragement to take ownership of their own wellbeing

As part of the product launch, STM is also introducing a quarterly CheckUp programme, which aims to raise wellbeing awareness, whilst providing an invaluable insight into the wellness and engagement of its internal customers. Importantly, this programme is also benchmarked against other organisations, driving best practice and continuous improvement. With physical terminals being installed in all STM regional offices, the system provides ongoing desktop/intranet access to SpeakUp, an anonymous medium designed to provide all employees with a voice, whilst enabling STM to be inherently flexible in the way it engages with its people.

STM is determined to do everything it possibly can to support its valued staff members, and to ensure the new Wellbeing at Work Programme fully meets the needs of all its internal customers

STM Group – Powered by Wellbeing and Support

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