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STM Group announce the internal appointment of Arevika Stepanian to Director of Customer Experience

May 30, 2022

STM Group is pleased to announce the internal appointment of Arevika Stepanian, to the new created role of Director of Customer Experience.

Arevika has been with STM since 2017, most recently as Head of Marketing & Communications. Over the past 18 months Arevika has also been responsible for driving a culture of Equality, Diversity, Inclusivity, and Belonging (EDIB) throughout the business. In 2021 Arevika was appointed as EDI Director for ASIS International – UK, the world’s largest membership organization for security management professionals, in recognition of her commitment and professionalism. Recognised as a customer experience leader throughout the FM industry, Arevika is involved with a number of external bodies promoting the benefits of a fair and equal working environment. Within STM Arevika will work closely with service delivery teams, ensuring the development and delivery of a best-in-class customer strategy and roadmap across the STM business portfolio.

Arevika’s appointment, to this new role, reinforces the STM internal/external customer philosophy, whereby both the external customer (STM’s valued client base) and internal customer (STM’s valued staff) are receiving the very highest levels of service, support, and ongoing communication.  The STM business model is based on a customer-centric “One Team” approach, ensuring a sustainable strategy which supports the STM philosophy whilst aiming to enhance the wellbeing of all stakeholders.

Arevika will have a pivotal role in developing an effective strategy for all STM customers, using data, insights, and best practice, to better understand diverse customer profiles.

Arevika will assume her new role from June.

Paul Jacomb, STM Group CEO said: “The appointment of Arevika, to this new and important role, reflects STM’s commitment to creating real value for all customers. This will be achieved through proactive engagement, and an enhanced understanding of individual customer requirements. Likewise, Arevika’s reputation and expertise in the EDI space is extremely important for STM, ensuring a necessary focus on delivering a genuinely customer-centric approach”.

Arevika Stepanian said: “I am absolutely delighted to take on my new role as Director of Customer Experience and am very grateful to STM for believing in me and providing opportunities for growth and development. I am incredibly proud to work in such a great environment and with a Company that truly focuses on the promotion of Internal/External Customer environment. I’m looking forward to working with existing and potential clients, as well as our internal customers, to help them achieve their goals and aspirations, whilst driving continuous improvement and adding tangible value wherever possible.”

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