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STM – An Award Winning Organisation (Pacesetting in the Transport Sector)

April 8, 2020

STM Group (UK) Limited provides manpower service solutions, focused on security and cleaning. With offices in London and Manchester, it has national coverage. Established in 2005, the organisation has developed through controlled organic growth, combined with a selective acquisition strategy. The Company operates in several sectors, but predominantly within the transport sector. In 2019, STM embarked on a new chapter, appointing an experienced CEO, restructuring its management team, and developing a service strategy around continuous service improvement.

Whilst the new strategy aimed to transfer those skills developed in the demanding transport sector into other business sectors (where quality of service delivery is a pre-requisite), it also included a “back to basics” approach to ensure best practice within the rail industry. This approach has enabled STM to work with its customers in order to ensure the provided services are bespoke to each client, with a service strategy which aims to add tangible value. In particular, STM has worked very closely with Network Rail, and its partners, in order to help develop a Trespass and Welfare Strategy, applied at mainline stations, which aims to reduce the number of suicides across the railway network.

This not only includes the, hugely important, front-line staff, but also the significant supporting infrastructure, which enables a holistic approach to this critical service.  It is, therefore, very pleasing to see the success which STM has achieved being recognised by the industry at large.

On 12 March 2020 STM Group (UK) Ltd was awarded the prestigious “Transport Supplier of the Year” award, at the London Transport Awards 2020 (LTA), held in the Park Plaza Riverbank Hotel. This particular award, for STM “Making a Difference” was supported by both Transport for London and London Councils, aiming to “recognise excellence in transport, and rewarding innovation and progress for transport initiatives which are really working in London”. Just one week later, STM were awarded the “Best Transport Manned Guarding Services Provider” by SME News UK Transport Awards 2020

CEO Paul Jacomb followed on by saying “STM has been rightly recognised for the excellent work it has undertaken in this most demanding of sectors. We are all delighted to have received these awards, and very much look forward to continuing to develop our relationship with the transport sector. We are also excited about transferring the unique skill sets developed within the demanding transport environment into other, high profile, business sectors, where the benefits of a focused service strategy will add inherent value”

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