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Spreading joy over the festive period

January 2, 2024

During this holiday season, the spirit of giving and kindness has shone brightly in our community. The Lady Mayoress, Elisabeth Mainelli, and Sarah Cork, respectively Patron and Ambassador for Prevent Violence Against Women and Girls, alongside dedicated other individuals, have spearheaded a heartwarming initiative to bring joy to children in challenging circumstances through the Prevent VAWG program.

The initiative has highlighted the imperative need to foster a culture of support for women and children impacted by domestic violence. Through a network of individuals, including the @Women’s Aid Federation of England, Refuge, and Livery Consorts, the community rallied to provide gifts and support to over 90 children, offering a glimmer of hope during Christmas.

In her role, the Lady Mayoress expressed profound gratitude to the many individuals who generously offered their time and resources. From the unwavering support of the Livery Consorts to the dedicated efforts of the Worshipful Company of Hackney Carriage Drivers and in particular, Alan Roughan and Silvi Oliveria who ensured the timely delivery of gifts, the community demonstrated a wonderful determination to support those in need.

Behind the scenes, the coordination of this heartwarming initiative was made possible through the leadership of the Lady Mayoress and the invaluable support of “The City of London Crime Prevention Association” led by Don Randall. Their dedication and organisational prowess provided the foundation for the success of this charitable undertaking.

As we reflect on the past season of giving and kindness, let us carry the spirit of generosity, empathy, and support into the new year. The remarkable efforts to help women and children in challenging circumstances testify to the power of collective action and community spirit.

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