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SIA Update on the Review of the Approved Contractor Scheme

January 23, 2018

During 2017 the SIA appointed Pye Tait to commence a review of the current Approved Contractor Scheme. Phase one has now been completed and involved 650 individuals completing the surveys.

A number of improvements have been identified which include:

Simplifying and improving the language around the standards

Less focus on processes and documentation

More focus on measurable outcomes

The interesting point for members of The ACS Pacesetters is that the issue of differentiation between the higher and lower standards of accredited companies was discussed.  Suggestions were made for gold, silver and bronze membership, however; the SIA will not be introducing a system of differentiation.  This means that The ACS Pacesetters is the only organisation which does offer a differentiation and promotes the companies who have reached the top 15% of the scoring levels.

The SIA update can be read here sia-acs-review-update-1801-website-FINAL

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