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SIA ACS score update

August 5, 2013

The SIA have recently published the new Approved Contractor Scheme score charts which has resulted in the minimum score required to join the ACS Pacesetters rising to 108.

The ACS Pacesetters promotes the companies who are in the top 15% of the benchmarking and achievement levels when inspected by their appointed UKAS body.

The maximum score achievable stands at 174 and there are currently 759 companies that have achieved Approved Contractor Scheme status.

These results demonstrate that not only are approved contractors meeting the required standard each year, they are also implementing continual improvement within their organisations, with standards being raised as a result.

Continual improvement is central to the Approved Contractor Scheme and the most recent changes to the Standard focused on section 6 (People) and include

A requirement to train all employees in protection of the public

A requirement to test the competence of all new staff employed

A requirement to start preparation for pensions auto-enrolment

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The ACS Pacesetters is an independent initiative linked to FM Contract Watch LLP and is not being sponsored by The SIA

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