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SIA Licence Statistics – July 2020

July 20, 2020

The Security Industry Authority issued their updated statistics on 1st July 2020 providing a full breakdown of licences held and qualifications completed during the past year.

Below is a breakdown of current licences held:

  • Number of Active SIA Licences 420,316
  • Total Number of Licensed Individuals 362,300
  • Number of Front-Line Licences 412,701
  • Number of Non-Front-Line Licences 7,614

The Door Supervisor Licence is, by far, the most popular with 65% of all licences being held in this sector, this is followed by Security Guarding at just over 15% and Public Space Surveillance (CCTV) at approximately 12.5%.

One interesting fact is that out of a total of 63,180 qualifications gained during the past year to enable individuals to apply for an SIA licence, only 64% (40,317) then went on to apply for a licence.

There is also a breakdown of Active Licences based on the Travel to Work Area and 27.2% of these licences are issued to individuals in the London area.  This is followed by Manchester, Birmingham and Slough & Heathrow.

Licence Demographics is also included which includes Gender, Nationality and Age Group.  From our records gained in 2017, we have found that there has been just a 1% increase in females working in the security sector over the past 3 years, with the percentage now standing at 10.11%.

These statistics and many more can be found on the SIA website Click here

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