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SIA Licence-Linked Qualifications

June 28, 2021

The Security Industry Authority (SIA) has introduced changes to the qualifications required for the various SIA licences. For new applicants this was applied from April 2021 and from October 2021 for those applying to renew their licence.  We believe that this can only enhance the role of the front-line staff and hopefully improve the perception of the security industry to the general public.

Having worked in the security industry for approximately 40 years, the role of the Security Officer has evolved considerably to meet the demands of the modern day and this is the next stage of this development.  Security Officers and Door Supervisors are involved in an increasing public facing role, whether it be in a retail or event environment, and are the first on scene to numerous serious incidents, therefore, the additional knowledge and first aid training will be invaluable.

The question that has arisen is ‘Who is going to pay and arrange for the additional training – is it the company or the individual?’  Having discussed this with one of the large national security providers, they have put in place a training module and all costs will be covered by the company.  However, this may well not be the case with all contract security companies.

We have evidence from the exceptional nominations for the ACS Pacesetters Security Officer of Distinction Awards where, every year, front-line Security Officers and Door Supervisors have helped to save the lives of individuals.  These incidents have included both medical and mental health issues where the Security team have been the first on-scene and diffused aggressive behaviour preventing harm to others, as well as dealing with emergency first aid.

We endorse the additional training which we believe will be an asset to the individual Officer, the company and their clients, help to improve the perception of the security industry and for individuals to see it as a career path.

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