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SIA Licence holders increase by 12.5% in the past two and a half years

November 19, 2019

As of 1st November 2019, there were 357,031 individuals holding one or more current SIA licence, of these 8,046 were non-front-line licences.

By far, the most popular SIA licence to be held is that of a Door Supervisor, which also allows the individual to carry out front-line Security Guarding activities.  These licences account for over 64% of SIA licences issued, with Security Guarding the second most popular at 16%, followed by Public Space Surveillance (CCTV) at 12%.

The breakdown of front-line SIA licences by sector is:

Cash & Valuables in Transit – 7,502

Close Protection – 14,578

Door Supervisors – 264,104

Key Holding – 968

Non-Front Line – 8,046

Public Space Surveillance (CCTV) – 50,922

Security Guarding – 64,276

Vehicle Immobilisers – 18

Total – 410,414

We last reviewed the issue of SIA licences in March 2017, at which time there were 317,416 individuals holding a total of 362,176 licences.  This has shown an increase of 39,615 SIA licence holders in just over two and a half years – approximately 12.5%.

It is also interesting to see that Door Supervisor licences have increased by 5%, whilst Security Guarding licences have reduced by 6%, but Public Space Surveillance (CCTV) has remained the same at 12%.

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