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SIA guidance for disabled people working in the Security Industry

October 15, 2018

The SIA have issued their first guidance document for disabled people which explores the barriers to entry into the industry and provides clarification on these issues.

Currently, disabled people are under-represented in this industry, however, there are different roles and types of jobs available that a disabled person may find will suit them.

Disabled people can and do work in private security.  Individuals will need particular skills, abilities and knowledge to work in private security. Physical abilities can be necessary for some jobs, for example, to enable you to patrol an area or escort out of a nightclub someone who is violent. However, there are different types of jobs in the private security industry and lots of different places where you could be doing them. This means that disabled people can find a job in private security that is right for them.

‘Working in the Security Industry – A guide for disabled people’ has just been published and gives information about the different roles in private security so that you can see which roles might be best for you. To read the full document click here

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