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Security operatives face realistic terror scenarios in Atik, Windsor exercise

February 24, 2023

The Security Industry Authority (SIA), the regulator of the private security industry, ran a series of terror resilience exercises at Atik, Windsor yesterday.

SIA-licensed security operatives working at Atik, Windsor took part in a series of terror-related exercises designed to test their responses. The security operatives from Atik, Windsor and SIA approved contractor Scope Security Ltd took part in three exercises simulating a mass casualty knife attack, a suspect package, and a lock-in due to an attack taking place outside the venue. The exercises form a practical application of the ACT Security e-learning module. This is a counter-terrorism training requirement for security operatives.

Operation Sentry is an initiative of the Security Industry Authority (SIA). It was delivered in partnership with Thames Valley Police, Thames Valley Police cadets, Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue Service, licensing officers from the Royal Borough of Windsor and Eton and volunteers from the First Aid Nursing Yeomanry (Princess Royal’s Volunteer Corps) – FANY (PRVC).

Each scenario was run in the realistic setting of a nightclub with actors on the dancefloor performing the scenarios. After each ‘incident’ the security operatives were debriefed by specialist teams from counter-terror police and each of the emergency services.

John Sandlin, the SIA’s Senior Manager, Compliance and Inspections, said:

“These realistic scenarios at Atik, Windsor nightclub were an excellent way of preparing security operatives for challenges that they may face in real life. The staged terror incidents enabled security operatives to face difficult incidents in a controlled way, and they put their training into good use. We followed the scenarios with an instant debrief from counter-terror and emergency service experts.

If one of these operatives find themselves in the position of being first responder at an incident, these exercises could save lives.

This simulated mass casualty event helps security professionals to work as a team to protect as many people as possible and tend to victims. We are grateful to the management of the Atik, Windsor for hosting the Windsor edition of Exercise Operation Sentry.

This exercise follows on from previous exercises staged in other parts of the UK. We share the immediate learning and observations from Operation Sentry exercises with those security providers, operatives and venues in attendance as the event takes place.”

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