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Security Companies to benefit from new online service

March 7, 2013

The SIA has today launched its new online e-Renewals service for security companies.

The service allows security businesses to renew Security Industry Authority licences, or apply for additional licences, on behalf of their staff. This will simplify the licence application process and help companies to ensure that their employees remain licensed.

If a licence holder provides their permission, the employer can submit a renewal application on their behalf without the need of a signature. The online service means there is no need to print or submit documents.

Assistant Director Customer Service & Quality Improvement, Christy Hopkins explained: “We have been working with companies throughout this project to ensure that the service is tailored to meet their needs.

“We ran a pilot with selected companies, which was very successful and we received positive feedback from those participating. The group were pleased with how user friendly the system was and felt that it would save them time and reduce their future costs.

“We have set up a dedicated business line to support e-Renewals and we will be introducing a number of key developments to the services that we offer to improve our online facilities.

“As we move towards a new regulatory regime that is focussed on businesses, we will continue to make improvements to our licensing processes. Our aim is to reduce cost, simplify the application process and help businesses to manage the licensing process of their employees.”

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