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Presentation to Security Officer of Distinction – Majid Khan The Westgrove Group

July 15, 2021

On Thursday, 15th July, Lynda Moore, Managing Partner of FM Contract Watch and founder of The ACS Pacesetters, was delighted to meet Majid Khan and his colleagues at Templars Square Shopping Centre.  Majid is employed by The Westgrove Group and was recently one of the winners of an ACS Pacesetter Security Officer of Distinction Award 2021 held on-line in June.

Majid, who has been employed at the shopping centre for approximately 4 years, has completed some outstanding work during the past year and received the highest number of votes by the judging panel for the ACS Pacesetters Awards.  In recognition of this, Lynda Moore presented him with a Certificate for 2 years membership of the International Foundation for Protection Officers and he received an on-line Certified Protection Officer (CPO) training course.  This course was donated by Mike Hurst, the UK Director of the IFPO, and is designed for Security Officers who wish to learn more about security/asset protection and is aimed at career orientated individuals.

Majid was delighted to be recognised for his work and is looking forward to completing the course over the coming months.

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