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Orka Works

The technology platform allows workers to find fair and flexible work opportunities with companies in the regulated security space and the rest of the FM sector, all from a mobile app.  Our workforce is designed to support your core team so you can minimise dropped shifts with ready-to-work officers and cleaners instantly deployable.Our state of the art portal provides you with everything you need to mitigate risk with bought in labour including transparency on who you’re working with, real-time job status and tools to ensure you can fill shifts on the go.

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We welcome Nexus Security Limited as a member of The ACS Pacesetters

We are pleased to welcome Nexus Security Limited as the latest company to join the membership of The ACS Pacesetters.  During their recent Security Industry Authority ACS inspection, they achieved a score in the top 15% of all accredited companies which makes them eligible for membership. The company, part of the Fortel Group of companies, […]

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The ACS Pacesetters is an independent initiative linked to FM Contract Watch LLP and is not being sponsored by The SIA

If you're interested in any of our services contact us on 01844 260 350