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Octavian ranked as one of the UK’s top Security Firms

November 14, 2013

The Security Industry Authority has boosted its already leading rating for Octavian Security as one of the most rigorous and reliable security providers in the UK.

As a member of the organisation’s Approved Contractor Scheme, which aims to raise performance standards within the private security sector, Octavian is audited annually along with around 750 other security providers.
Octavian’s rating of 132 points builds on its score of 128 in 2012 – which already gave it a leading status in the sector – with the company now comfortably ranked amongst the top five per cent of security providers in the country for 2013/14.

The external auditor was particularly impressed by the company’s annual and monthly employee awards, which boost staff productivity and morale, as well as its internal newsletters to make sure that all employees are kept updated and involved in the progress of the business.

Tony Mellor, Commercial Director at Octavian Security, said: “After an incredibly thorough four-day re-verification assessment, we are delighted that our improved rating reflects the further progress that we have made this year.

Octavian’s owner and Group CEO, Sukhi Ghuman, commented, “The hard work and dedication of everyone in the business has culminated in an amazing achievement for us all, and we are very thankful for the commitment that everyone at Octavian has put in over the past 12 months – a really excellent effort by all.”

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