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New minimum score announced to qualify for membership of The ACS Pacesetters

April 21, 2020

The Security Industry Authority has recently published a Summary of Approved Contractor Scheme scores for the period ending 31 March 2020.

These scores are based on the new Self-Assessment Workbook (SAW) which was introduced from 1st April 2019 when the overall score that could be achieved was reduced to 145 from 175.  At that time there were also a number of amendments to the SAW and companies are required to meet the minimum criteria for all sections of the workbook.

A total of 688 companies were assessed by the Standard Route and, based on these scores, companies who are eligible to join The ACS Pacesetters will require a minimum score of 95.

This is a reduction of 7 points on the previously published score for the top 15%, however, we work on annualised figures and this is a reflection of the additional requirements introduced in the SAW in April 2019.

The ACS Pacesetters promotes the companies who have achieved a score in the top 15% of all companies who have gained accreditation via the Standard Route as the market leaders in the security industry.

Our members cover the whole of the UK and a full list of members and their operating regions can be found here.

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The ACS Pacesetters is an independent initiative linked to FM Contract Watch LLP and is not being sponsored by The SIA

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