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New Approved Contractor Assessing Bodies

March 22, 2017

Following a re-tender process, with effect from the 1st April 2017 and subject to contracts being signed, the SIA external assessment bodies are due to change.

The following assessing bodies have been awarded contracts to deliver Standard route assessment services on behalf of the SIA: CCAS, NSI, ISOQAR and SSAIB.  The Passport route assessment on behalf of the SIA has been awarded to CCAS and NSI.

The Passport route assessment requires a company to apply to one of the assessing bodies that operates an accredited passport scheme in the first instance. The Assessing Body will conduct a Passport assessment and if successful will issue a company with a Passport certificate. To gain ACS approval the company then applies to the SIA who will conduct fit and proper checks against the company and if these checks are satisfied they will grant ACS approval.

There will be a number of ACS approved companies who use an assessing body that will no longer be contracted to offer this service on behalf of the SIA with effect from 1 April 2017.

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