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Mental Health – Security’s Invisible Enemy

May 9, 2023

Mental Health in the security industry is a topic that needs to be addressed. In recent years, we have seen new initiatives appear, engagement with Employee Assistance Programmes increase and modules of training introduced to help to address the issue. At the time, this was in reaction to the pandemic, but it is essential now that we address the invisible enemy affecting our industry.

Did you know…

• According to a study, 40% of security officers displayed symptoms of PTSD.

• According to research by the Consortium for the Prevention of Suicide, Security Officers are the third highest industry impacted by suicide.

We have a promise and obligation to our colleagues in frontline roles, in our offices, even on our boards, to give them the support they need to ensure their wellbeing, and now more than ever support them with their mental health.

Everyone has initiatives in place. Everyone has amazing ideas. But the time for working siloed is over – it’s time to come together and let’s remove the stigma, together! Talking is good, but now it is time for collective action!

About this event:

Corps Security have joined forces with Combat Stress, the country’s leading mental health charity for veterans, and the #SeurityMindsMatter campaign to hold an event that will bring together key leaders and decision makers from across our industry to take the next step in combating security’s invisible enemy.

The Line-Up:

The team have secured leading experts in this area to educate and inform and help us to take the next step in improving mental health in the security sector. These include the Lead Research Occupational Therapist from Combat Stress, and leading figures from Security Minds Matter – introduced by Corps Security’s CEO and finalising with a Q&A panel session.

Check out the full event schedule for more information.

The event is 14:00 – 16:00, with Networking and Refreshments from 16:00 -17:00.

Tickets and Delegates:

Tickets for this event are free and open to anyone in the security sector working in executive or management positions, HR/people managers, and those in the FM sector with a vested investment in security.

The event is taking place in the King Harald room.

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