Profile Security Services Ltd

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Martin McGowan–Scanlon, Managing Director


374 Wandsworth Road, London. SW8 4TD


020 7498 3511

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[email protected]


Who are we?

With over 30 years experience in the provision of security services, Profile is one of the UK’s leading security providers. Our knowledge of security is indisputable; we have a reputation throughout the industry for providing an exceptional quality of service and we have the skills, expertise and operational infrastructure to consistently deliver contract requirements, no matter how complex. Profile has a strong organisational culture and is committed to staff welfare and development. We actively encourage our people to offer suggestions to improve service and operational efficiency and as a result our people are highly skilled, professional and passionate about what they do.



Services offered

Manned Guarding – Concierge Security – Reception Services – Mobile Patrols, Alarm Response and Key Holding – Remote CCTV monitoring – Investigations

Latest Security industry News

Repeat offence by Louth security boss results in confiscation of £30,000 as proceeds of crime

Grimsby Crown Court has ordered a Lincolnshire security boss to pay more than £30,000 as the proceeds of crime after he was convicted for a second time of offences against the Private Security Industry Act (PSIA). Louth company director Trevor Frater originally pleaded guilty to supplying unlicensed security staff, while being unlicensed himself, at Grimsby […]

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