Oxford Security Services Limited

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Matthew Collaire – Managing Director


Sandford Gate, Eastpoint Business Park, Oxford.  OX4 6LB


01865 751605

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[email protected]



Who are we?

Despite a relatively short history many of Oxford Security Services customers and employees have been together for more than a decade. There is a reason for that; Mathew Collaire the Managing Director is the reason for this collaboration. He was previously Operations Director at a company for 18 years and when that was sold, he had a choice. Carry on or form a new company. He chose the latter in 2018 and has gone from strength to strength since. Many customers followed immediately, and over recent years more have followed. The same can be said for the workforce.

Customers and Oxford Security Services have a joint mission; they both want the best. Customers want a 5-star service and employees need to be rewarded for delivering. Oxford Security Services pays the Oxford Living Wage as a minimum and nothing is too much trouble as far as customer requests.

The customer base has a large percentage coming from the various Local Councils and Colleges that form Oxford University but also includes individual home and business owners in the areas of cover.

The main focus is on Mobile Patrols, Keyholding and Alarm Response with a current deployment of 7 vehicles during the night, placed at key locations, and 3 during the day. This strategy ensures that response times are minimal and also allows Patrolmen sufficient breaks, as opposed to long drives between calls.

Security Guarding is offered as well as providing teams for Events, as the company has the capability to expand and cover the many Summer Balls and Christmas festivities that customers require.

Oxford Security Services does not lose business because of the exceptional service delivery.



Services offered

  • Mobile Patrols
  • Alarm Response
  • Key Holding
  • Security Guarding
  • Event Security

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