Lodge Security Limited

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Stuart Lodge – Managing Director


Bank House 15 Gosditch Street, Cirencester, Gloucesetershire GL7 2AG


0800 289 080

Email Address

[email protected]



Who are we?

Lodge Security was established in 1919 as a test purchasing company and the international headquarters is based in Cirencester, Gloucestershire. It is a family owned business recognised as one of the most experienced retail specialists in the world with offices in UK, Europe and South Africa. Through its network of offices in the UK it provides a national service, enabling its customers to focus on their business while taking care of their security. Lodge Security is a market leader in the UK security industry providing a range of services such as manned guarding and store detectives, screening and vetting, loss prevention consultancy and electronic security systems. Lodge Security also has a state of the art 24×7 monitoring centre which provides a platform for its own business by supporting the manned guarding teams as well as providing first line monitoring and response for a range of clients in differing market sectors. With over 90 years experience in the industry, Lodge Security is uniquely positioned to provide cost effective solutions to a wide range of commercial security issues



Services offered

Manned Guarding, Store Detectives, Screening and Vetting, Loss Prevention Consultancy and Electronic Security Systems.

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