ICTS (UK) Limited

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Andy Kynoch – Managing Director


Tavistock House, Tavistock Square, London. WC1H 9LG


0207 874 7576

Email Address

[email protected]



Who are we?

One of the largest subsidiaries of ICTS Europe, ICTS UK & Ireland is a professional services firm, specialising in security risk which has been supporting clients across a wide range of sectors for 30 years.

ICTS manages risk, enhances resilience and ensures compliance – all delivered under a banner of customer service excellence. We work closely with each client, respecting their individuality and responding to their unique requirements. This approach, coupled with our real-world integration of expertise, experience and professionalism has made ICTS the Trusted Partner of choice


East Midlands, London, North East, North West, Northern Ireland, Scotland, South East, South West, Wales, West Midlands.

Services offered

Our main competencies are based around four broad fields of operation:

The provision of consultation services focused on intelligence based risk mitigation.

The provision of innovative electronic, physical and procedural security systems, which can be used in isolation or integrated to provide a comprehensive security solution.

The provision of canine services, passive and pro-active detection of drugs, explosive, firearms and currency.

The provision, management and support of security personnel who are rigorously trained in and licensed for a wide variety of disciplines.

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