Effective Security Services Ltd T/A Professional Security

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Alex Minett – Sales & Marketing Director


Mayflower House, 14 Pontefract Road, Stourton, Leeds.  LS10 1TB


0870 405 2990 or 07967 384160 (A. Minett)

Email Address

[email protected]



Who are we?

Professional Security are the industry leading provider of licensed security personnel to the hospitality sector. We work with a wide breadth of hospitality customers including many of the most influential independent, regional and national operators.

The business has been through a transformational change over the last few years, and we now have established Guarding & Hospitality arms.

We provide our clients with full nationwide coverage and cover client deployments across England, Wales and Scotland.  Our people are our priority and our biggest asset – we have a database of over 100k+ registered personnel and hundreds of new applicants each week.

We are passionate about working with exceptional people and we now have an extensive management infrastructure in place with a wealth of retail, guarding and hospitality experience.

We put our clients first.  We have some amazing partners, ranging from standalone independent operators all the way up to the large PLCs.  Whatever the scale of the client’s business, Professional Security is a great current and future fit.

Compliance is at the heart of our company and to back this up, we have an extensive suite of accreditations including ACS for Guarding and Door Supervision, and a wide range of trade memberships including IPSA and UK Hospitality.

We have a fully operational Solutions Zone (our 24/7 operations and control centre) with a 52-strong team across our Solutions Crew and Talent Crew. This dynamic, multi-disciplined control centre is dedicated to selecting the highest calibre of personnel and ensuring optimum service delivery, communication, and response times for our clients.



Services offered

  • Guarding – Retail, Elite, Public Sector, Construction, Events
  • Door Supervision – Bars, Nightclubs, Pubs, Hotels

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