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Philip Anthony Managing Director


Quern House, Mill Court, Great Shelford, Cambridge.  CB22 5LD


01223 906099

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Who are we?

At Dardan Security, our approach is based on delivering intelligent security solutions, providing the brightest and most capable people, empowered by the latest technology and industry expertise. In a fast-moving world, we understand that the challenges our clients face can change rapidly, meaning we have to be prepared to learn and adapt with them. We provide a future-focused solution, constantly searching for the most effective methods to protect people, assets and reputations.

Dardan’s market positioning is very firmly based around security and security solutions and we believe there is a need for many clients to keep security separately from other services whilst at the same time integrating into a service team culture. As a privately-owned national provider, we are uniquely positioned to provide a total security solution that is 100% tailored to the needs of your organisation, without the overbearing responsibility to reap a profit for a large number of shareholders. We believe that a key part of our responsibility to our clients and the community is to create and maintain effective partnerships with law enforcement agencies and security organisations across the world. These partnerships enable us to provide specialist expertise to our clients, as well as ensuring our solutions stay ahead of the ever-changing risk landscape and threat profiles.

We do not see ourselves as purely a security company in place to protect your property, people and assets. We see ourselves as “Brand Guardians” and a key element of our responsibility is to help you maintain your reputation and protect the integrity of your brand.


London, South East, West Midlands, East Midlands and Scotland.

Services offered

Manned Guarding, Static Guarding, Front-of-House and Concierge Guarding, Key Holding, Mobile Patrols, Alarm Response, CCTV and Access Control Installation and Maintenance, Security Screening, Consultancy and Training.

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