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Corps Security

Main Contact

Peter Webster – Chief Executive


Market House, 85 Cowcross Street. London EC1M 6PF


020 7566 0500

Email Address

[email protected]



Who are we?

Established 151 years ago, Corps Security is one of the oldest and best respected commercial suppliers of security services in the UK, offering our customers a wide range of specialist security services which cover every aspect of threat reduction and business protection.
Originally, our business was established to provide gainful employment for injured ex-servicemen returning from the Crimean War and this ethos of caring for our ex-soldiers, sailors and airmen continues today, with a high percentage of our workforce having previously served within the armed forces.
In 1901, His Majesty King Edward VII consented to head our list of Governors and the reigning Sovereign has been pleased to continue Royal patronage in the office of Chief Life Governor since that time.
Although our unique history and constitution sets us apart from the mainstream of UK security providers, it is our modern and innovative approach to service design and delivery which has seen us continue to grow within todays testing market.
Our people-first culture and our commitment to service excellence are key factors in our achievement of market leading staff and contract retention statistics.
Today, Corps Security is rightly recognised as a market leader within the UK, providing robust, effective and personally tailored security solutions via a broad offering of specialist services.



Services offered

Security Guarding (all sectors), Reception and Concierge Services, Mobile Patrols, Key Holding, Remote CCTV Monitoring, Door Supervision, Business Support Services, Security Consultancy, Alarm Monitoring.

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If you're interested in any of our services contact us on 01844 260 350