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Mayday Trust select their preferred supplier from the Pacesetters

June 13, 2013

We were contacted by the Mayday Trust several months ago regarding security cover for four of their sites and they decided to select the companies to be included in their tender list exclusively from the ACS Pacesetters.

“Mayday Trust recently appointed Enigma Security Solutions to deliver security services at four of our sites following a competitive tendering process which was open only to members of the ACS Pacesetters. Enigma was selected because they have a robust Company Social Responsibility policy which fits in with Mayday’s values of creating and enhancing skills development opportunities for our clients. We are delighted to be working with Enigma and the ACS Pacesetters and look forward to developing a prosperous business relationship over the coming years”

Tayo Ashby, Housing Services Manager

“We congratulate Enigma Security Solutions on being awarded the contract to provide security services to the Mayday Trust. Once again, the client has chosen their contractor from our list of members who have all proved that they are market leaders in the security industry consistently providing an excellent standard of service to their clients and demonstrating a high degree of care for their employees”

Lynda Moore, ACS Pacesetters

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