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Latest SIA Licence Holders and ACS Statistics

March 4, 2021

The SIA has published the latest SIA licence holder demographics and ACS statistics up to 1st February and we have highlighted some points below:

  • 822 Companies currently hold Approved Contractor Scheme accreditation
  • 420,413 Active SIA licences held, an increase of 1,720 in January 2021
  • 370,551 SIA licence holders, an increase of 1,438 during January 2021
  • 37,767 female SIA licence holders, accounting for just over 10% of all licence holders and only 154 females joined the industry in January 2021
  • 39,354 SIA licences held by individuals between 18 and 25, an increase of 411 in January 2021

The statistics do show that the industry does appear to be attracting younger people with almost 30% of new licence holders aged between 18 and 25 years, however, the females joining the security industry remains consistent at just over 10%.

The full list of  SIA licence holder demographics can be found sia-licence-holders-february-2021 (2)

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