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The latest company to join the ACS Pacesetters is The SES Group.

October 20, 2016

This privately owned company has been operating since 1997 and provide quality security services for large events and corporate clients. The company focuses on providing a quality services and has been  fortunate to provide security services to some of the largest and most prestigious events in the world.

The SES Group has three divisions; SES Security, Show and Event and the SES Academy.

Show and Event has the experience, planning capabilities and delivery structures to work in tandem with venues and other facilities both indoor and outdoor to plan, manage and deliver stewarding, security and crowd management requirements.

SES Security provides fully licensed and vetted security personnel for short term emergency situations as well as fully managed long term contracts.

The SES Academy is at the forefront of training and education in the security, crowd management, and fire and first aid sectors.

The SES Group provides highly trained, quality personnel to educate both internal and external personnel in a wide range of subject areas.

For further information go The SES Group Members page.

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If you're interested in any of our services contact us on 01844 260 350