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IPSA welcomes Government’s recognition of clearer legislative path for the SIA transition

March 24, 2011

Yesterday evening in the House of Lords agreement was finally reached to remove the Security Industry Authority (SIA) from the Public Bodies Bill. This does not change the overall situation whereby the SIA will be replaced with a “new regulatory regime”, however it does mean that the path will be clearer with a single piece of legislation both abolishing the current authority and detailing what will replace it. The emphasis on business regulation is welcome, however it is important that the Government continues to recognise the benefits of licensing of individuals. Business regulation should make it easier to enforce the legislation, and allow the use of various sanctions to encourage compliance, however it is the visible individual licence on the security company employee that gives the public confidence. We are also glad to acknowledge Baroness Neville-Jones’ comments about the consultation with ACPO. It is vital that the industry continues to have the support of the police, both in the enforcement of the legislation and the recognition of the professionalism of the security companies and individuals who have met the agreed standards. IPSA remains committed to the review of regulation and will continue to drive this process forward through its active and ongoing participation with The Security Alliance to ensure a smarter, more meaningful regulatory regime.

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