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Introducing our headline sponsor for the Security Officer of Distinction Awards: Orka

May 3, 2023

The ACS Pacesetters is delighted to have Orka as our headline sponsor for this year’s Security Officer of Distinction Awards. Seeing that Orka has the UK’s largest pool of SIA licenced job seekers, they want to celebrate the officers who have gone above and beyond in their duties this year. In addition, they also want to spread more awareness on how tech can help security companies innovate to hire better staff, screen new hires faster and retain their best workers.

“It’s an honour to be a part of celebrating the ACS Pacesetters community. A big part of what we do at Orka is improving how workers are hired, screened, and then retained within security companies. Our products aim to create positive change for companies and workers alike,” says James Doyle, COO of Orka.

He’s referring to challenges commonly seen in the security sector, such as staff turnover rates reaching staggering heights of 300% in some companies, the collected cost of recruiting a SIA Licenced Security Officer often rising above £1000, and taking over 50 days to perform background checks on new hires. Orka’s technology is tailor made to help security companies overcome these challenges.

The Orka Platform addresses the employment cycle overall, rather than just one aspect of it. The Platform contains three powerful pieces of tech working together to make hiring easier, screening faster and retention of workers better, all in one easy-to-use platform.

“We’re pleased to have Orka as the headline sponsor for the Security Officer of Distinction Awards.  We encourage our members to book a demo to find out more about the solutions available to assist with recruitment, screening and retaining your workforce.” says Lynda Moore, Managing Partner of the ACS Pacesetters.

Orka’s Platform consists of Orka Works, Orka Check and Orka Pay, all designed to support you through the hiring process, manage compliance and retain your staff.

Orka Works allows you to access the UK’s largest community of security workers. Connect to workers immediately and hire the best security officers after trialling them on site.

Orka Check gets applicants vetted in an average of five days. It continuously manages their right-to-work status with a revolutionary screening platform.

Orka Pay helps you retain staff with a helpful benefit that supports their financial well-being. It automatically gives workers access to 50% of wages from shifts they’ve already worked.

The Orka Platform rolls all these functions into one easy-to-use suite. As a part of the sponsorship, all ACS Pacesetters members can receive a free demo and discount on the Orka Platform.

Learn more about the Orka Platform and book your free, non-committal demo.

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