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Incentive Lynx Security Employees recognised by British Land

March 14, 2016

Incentive Lynx Security, part of Incentive FM Group, has praised the efforts of two members of staff after they received an award from British Land. Charles Nyeko and Mohammed Hamza Dhimen were recognised for going the extra mile whilst working on location at Paddington Central.

Charles and Mohammed were both named as British Land’s quarterly award winners for putting their training and skills into action for everyone’s safety. Charles utilised his experience to calm a highly distressed woman until the emergency services arrived, whilst Mohammed acted promptly to extinguish a fire on an occupier’s floor, minimising damage.

Paddington Central is an 11-acre mixed-use development located in the heart of London. The campus consists of office buildings, a hotel and residential apartments. It is owned by British Land and managed by Broadgate Estates. There are currently 35 Incentive Lynx staff employed to undertake a variety of security related roles across Paddington Central including gatehouse, front of house, reception, loading bay, post room and campus control room.

Hanna Corney, Property Management Executive at British Land, said about the awards: “It’s inspiring to hear about so many people at our properties and developments going above and beyond to help us create Places People Prefer. We really appreciate the difference you make.”

Craig Pickard, Managing Director at Incentive Lynx, said: “I would like to congratulate both Charles and Mohammed for the recognition they have received for their quick actions. The Incentive Lynx team prides itself on its ability to deliver exceptional levels of service at all times.”

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