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High Compliance in SIA Checks across London and Birmingham

July 3, 2014

Security Industry Authority investigators launched a simultaneous operation across Birmingham and London on Thursday [26 June].

The operation was conducted to check the security licences of door supervisors and security guards working across 29 venues in the two cities.

In Birmingham 56 security guards were checked at venues including: building sites, retail shops, a railway station, the airport and a museum. Of those checked one individual was found working without an SIA licence. Enquiries are on-going.

In central London, 57 door supervisors were checked in pubs, bars and clubs. All the door supervisors were working legally as they held valid SIA licences. Four warnings were issued to individuals for failing to notify the SIA of a change of their address; this is a breach of SIA licensing conditions.

Regional Investigations Manager Paul Cartlidge said:

“Random operations like this are undertaken throughout the year to ensure that those working in the private security industry are properly licensed.

“The scale of this operation and the positive results show that the majority of people working in the industry are aware of their legal obligations.

“We will continue to work closely with the industry and enforcement partners to ensure that these high levels of compliance continue.”

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