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Excellent results in Peterborough city centre.

December 6, 2013

Checks on door supervisors working in Peterborough city centre took place on Saturday evening [30 November]. All those inspected held a valid Security Industry Authority licence.

The operation was carried out by Cambridgeshire Constabulary, who were supported by SIA investigators, to test compliance in the area and to ensure that those working as door supervisors were working legally.

During the operation, SIA investigators checked six venues, including pubs and clubs. In total, 28 security operatives were inspected. All those inspected were found to be working legally as they all held a valid SIA licence.

Head of Investigation at the SIA, Nigel Davies, said:

“As Peterborough’s pubs and clubs prepare for the busy festive period, it’s important that revellers feel safe on a night out.

“SIA licensed door supervisors are properly trained and checked to carry out this important role – helping making a night out in Peterborough a safe and enjoyable experience.”

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