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Discounted Rate for members of ACS Pacesetters at Behavioural Analysis Conference

November 14, 2019

Green Light is delighted to announce the 3rd edition of the Behavioural Analysis conference, which will take place in London on 10-11 June 2020 at the Royal Air Force Museum.

Behavioural Analysis 2020 will deliver practical insights into the behavioural analysis techniques used to identify individuals with negative intent.

The conference will allow delegates to develop their knowledge of behavioural analysis by hearing presentations from the leading experts in the security industry.

Below are just some of the benefits of attending this conference:

  • Gain a fundamental understanding about behavioural detection techniques from leading experts in the security industry
  • Receive an in-depth update on the latest technologies that can help identify individuals with negative intent
  • Learn how the practice of behavioural detection can be applied across different industries
  • Improve the communication and questioning skills of your staff
  • See how approaches proven to be successful in mitigating acts of petty crime and/or deviant behaviour can also serve counter-terrorist operations
  • Develop strategies for the identification of insider threats
  • Improve the security of your organisation, while also protecting it more cost-effectively

Topics at the 2020 conference will include:

  • Academic research supporting the use of behavioural detection
  • Approaching and questioning suspicious individuals
  • Technology facilitating behavioural analysis
  • Suicide bomber intervention
  • Identifying and addressing mental health concerns
  • Cross-cultural and religious considerations
  • Insider/Internal threat identification
  • Sexually deviant behaviour
  • Training behavioural analysts
  • Non-racial profiling techniques
  • Physiological Stress Indicators
  • Case studies

Members of The ACS Pacesetters and clients of FM Contract Watch will receive a 20% discount on the delegate fee, so if you are interested in attending please contact Lynda Moore [email protected] to obtain the discount code.

Find out more and register now at www.behaviouralanalysis.com


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