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Uniform Suppliers

There is a wide range of items of Security Uniforms that are worn by staff working in the manned guarding industry. Depending upon the environment they are working in, e.g. front of house, warehouse, gatehouse, door supervision, special events, etc ., the right uniform is available to suit the occasion.

With very few exceptions, it is important for the Security Officer to be highly visible and recognizable as such, which is why a uniform is not so much a luxury simply to make the employee look smart in the eyes of the public, but an absolute necessity. The Security Officer is also easily identifiable by the company logo which can be displayed on shirts, jumpers, jackets, epaulettes, caps and hi- visibility clothing.

It is essential that the security uniform provided by the employer is suitable for the role and the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) at Work Regulations 1992 require, for example, safety helmets, safety shoes, gloves, eye protection and high-visibility clothing, to be supplied and used at work wherever there are risks to workers’ health and safety that cannot be adequately controlled in other ways. Personal protective equipment is available for head to toe safety.

The Regulations require Personal Protective Equipment to be:

  1. Properly assessed before use to ensure its suitability for the work being carried out
  2. Maintained and stored properly
  3. Provided with adequate instruction on how to use it safely
  4. Worn correctly by the user.

Employers have basic duties to comply with concerning the provision and use of Personal Protective Equipment and they are not permitted to charge employees for providing this even if they are only temporary workers.

Security Officers that are required to hold a Security Industry Authority (SIA) licence are required to clearly display this on their uniform.

British Standard 7499 : 2007 Static Site Services and Mobile Patrol Services states that “Unless otherwise requested by the customer, employees should wear the uniform supplied when on duty. Employee uniforms should clearly display the insignia of the organization. Uniforms should be readily distinguishable from those of the civil emergency services or armed forces”.

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