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Security Patrol/Tracking Systems

There are a variety of Patrol Tracking Systems available from a simple system that logs the rounds of employees such as Security Officers patrolling properties to sophisticated lone worker systems.

The basic patrol tracking system records the date and time that an individual visits certain check points and can provide a virtually indisputable record for legal or insurance reasons. The employee carries a portable electronic data collector which is activated at each check point. This can later be downloaded giving a full record of the area visited and those missed.

There are more advanced systems which allow employers to constantly monitor the welfare of their lone workers. Using GPS-enabled devices fitted with mobile phone technology, workers can raise the alarm wherever they are, whatever the time.

This is widely used in the security guarding industry, but is also useful for other employees such as field based staff, individuals working in the community, staff conducting home visits and night shift workers who are the only ones on the premises.

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