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Security Recruitment companies provide recruitment solutions for a wide range of markets and roles which include:

  1. Corporate Security
  2. Manned Guarding
  3. Facilities Management
  4. Retail Loss Prevention
  5. Electronic Security
  6. Health & Safety
  7. Quality Assurance
  8. IT Security

Search and Selection

Most recruitment companies guide both the applicant and company through the whole process. They give help and advice to individuals on compiling their CV and interview techniques. They also help the companies compile their advertisements, give advice regarding salary and benefit packages and match potential candidates to the vacancy. Some companies will also confidentially head-hunt staff for their clients who are seeking individuals for senior management and executive roles.

Temporary Operational Staff

SIA licensed Security Officers and site personnel are provided for both contract security guarding companies and in house contracts to supplement the existing team and cover short term vacancies including special events. Staff available include: Security Officers, CCTV Operators, Door Supervisors, CIT Officers, Mobile Response Officers, ARC and Control Room Operatives and Close Protection Officers.

Interim Management

The provision of short term management resources provide companies with flexibility if they have a short term project, gap management or in a period of transition. The selected executive or senior manager should be experienced and capable of achieving the company’s objectives.
Client Advertising and Selection Management
If required this can be carried out confidentially without exposing the company. Advertisements are placed on behalf of the client, applicants apply to the recruitment company, who then carry out the first sift and initial employment interview. The shortlisted applicants are then passed on to the client for consideration.


Unless there is a fixed charge agreed, most recruitment solution companies tend to charge a percentage fee based on the annual salary package (including benefits) for the introduction of a permanent new employee to the client. Fees vary considerably and these should be supplied to the client as soon as a vacancy is registered along with the company’s terms and conditions regarding replacements and refunds should the employee not remain with the company for a fixed period of time.

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If you're interested in any of our services contact us on 01844 260 350