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ID Card Systems

In the modern business world ID Cards for employees, visitors and guests are often mandatory, and for good reason. They allow for easy identification and improved security over who is entering or exiting premises and accessing restricted areas.

When staff are required to wear their ID’s in the workplace, it becomes easier to determine whether there is someone on the premises that shouldn’t be.

Company ID Cards as smart cards are often used in companies e.g. for physical access control, opening doors only to those who have the appropriate card. This is the so-called no-contact option, meaning that cards are held in front of a card reader.

After a Company ID Card has granted access to e.g., an office building, its second use comes into play. Sophisticated companies secure their IT systems by allowing only selected people to access a given system.

ID’s are also particularly important where work is undertaken with vulnerable people and where access to homes is required.

There are a large number of companies in the UK producing a wide range of Identity Card systems.

Whether it is a photo ID system, a smart card, a system to manage access to clubs or you want to check individual’s credentials working remotely, there are packages available to suit.

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