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CCTV Systems Solutions

CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) has been a popular security tool for many years and thanks to new breakthroughs in technology, security cameras are more effective than ever before for monitoring buildings, stock, staff and other personnel. You can be alerted instantly about potential problems, and recorded events can provide valuable evidence.

The UK leads the way in the application of CCTV and its use is wide-ranging, encompassing facial-recognition technology, remote video monitoring, video smoke detection, mobile systems and Automatic Number Plate Recognition as well as many other functions.

Tackling crime, shrinkage and loss is essential to protecting business profits. Instead of detecting crime after it has happened, you can stop criminals before they attack – reducing losses, cutting downtime and minimising insurance claims and management overheads.

Remote Monitoring is widely used in the CCTV industry. It enables connection over the internet using software to connect to the digital video recorder and view the images on your computer or via a remote monitoring station. The software allows you to search, record and view live images. By using wireless communication you can also view your CCTV via handheld devices.

The advantages of using CCTV include:

* Just seeing a CCTV camera may make an intruder decide that it would be far easier to move elsewhere – it is much better to prevent intrusion before it has occurred.
* Statistics show that CCTV can reduce crime rates.
* CCTV can be used to trace offenders, provide evidence in legal cases and help with insurance claims.
* It gives individuals, especially working in a customer service environment, an increased sense of security.

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