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Key Holding and Alarm Response

Alarm Response Solutions are available for both commercial and residential premises which are alarmed and being left unoccupied for any period of time.

The Alarm Response company will:

  1. Securely retain a set of keys to your premises
  2. Attend your premises in the event of an alarm activation
  3. Carry out a thorough patrol of the premises to ascertain if it is a genuine emergency or false alarm
  4. Re-set the alarm in the event of a false alarm
  5. In the event of unauthorised entry or damage to the property they will contact the relevant emergency services and arrange for boarding up/locksmiths, etc.
  6. In the event of a serious breach of security arrange for a Security Industry Authority (SIA) Licensed and vetted Security Officer to remain at the premises
  7. The Security Officer attending the premises will be in possession of detailed assignment instructions, be aware of any health and safety risks and know what response the client requires depending upon the level of emergency.

Companies providing Alarm Response Solutions are required to adhere to The Code of Practice for Key holding and Alarm Response Services – BS7984.

Organisations and individuals employing a professional Alarm Response company have peace of mind that a fully trained Mobile Security Officer is available 24 hours per day, 365 days per year to attend intruder alarm activations whether false or a genuine emergency situation.

For businesses employing an Alarm Response company it avoids relying on their staff being disturbed throughout the night or at inconvenient times when they could be exposed to possible danger. It also avoids potential compensation claims from staff who may suffer an accident or injury whilst acting as a key holder for the premises.

Homeowners can leave their premises whilst out at work or enjoying their holiday without having to rely on family and neighbours to hold keys in the event of an alarm activation. Some Alarm Response companies offering additional services to homeowners including:

  1. Regular house checks to clear post from view, ensure the heating and electricity is functioning and a visual check for water leaks.
  2. Arrange ad hoc access for contractors.
  3. Meet delivery drivers at the premises to accept goods.

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